Foods to Avoid After Oral Surgery

When having an oral surgery procedure done, knowing what NOT to eat is just as important as knowing what you should eat.

For a couple of hours after surgery, your mouth will still feel frozen due to the Local anesthetic, so you won’t feel how hot some foods are. You’ll want to be extra careful with Hot meals and drinks such as coffee, soup, or tea immediately, afterwards, as these could cause burns without you knowing.


Here are some foods you should avoid for about a week after surgery:

  • Spicy Foods (salsa, hot sauce, spicy chilli)
  • Hard or Crunchy Foods (bread crust, carrots, apples, nuts, potato chips, popcorn, granola)
  • Acidic foods (orange juice, lemonade)
  • Seeds (raspberries, strawberries)

Keep in mind that you will have wounds in your mouth that need time to heal. You wouldn’t want something spicy or full of citrus to get into a cut on your arm. Think of your mouth in that context when deciding what would be good to eat.

We will ensure that you have all of the information you need before and after having oral surgery in our office. We will also ensure that you know exactly how to care for yourself after surgery. We are always available by phone for any questions or clarification you may need.