Wisdom Teeth Removal 101

One of the most common things that patients are referred to us for is wisdom teeth extractions.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Having your wisdom teeth taken out can seem scary for some but we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! With Dr. Steve Bureau, you can rest assured that you are in fantastic and very capable hands.

While wisdom teeth used to be useful, they now serve no purpose in our mouths. In fact, they are more harmful than good! They are so far back in our mouths that we couldn’t use them to chew food even if they have erupted. It also makes cleaning them a challenge because they are hard to reach –this can lead to decay, cavities, and abscess. Furthermore, wisdom teeth don’t properly fit in our mouths so they can cause crowding and problems for neighboring teeth, especially if they are growing in at an abnormal angle.

Most people choose to have their wisdom teeth taken out with sedation or general anesthetic so that they don’t have to experience the extraction process. Unlike a regular tooth extraction, wisdom teeth are often below your gumline so they are more invasive to take out. Choosing to have sedation or general anesthetic over a local anesthetic makes the procedure a total breeze. Most patients are in and out of the office within 2-3 hours – that includes check-in time, a brief wait while we get your room setup, surgery, recovery, and reviewing post-operative care instructions before sending you on your way!

Having removed thousands of wisdom teeth from patient’s mouths, Dr. Bureau is an expert on how to make the process as seamless and painless as possible. Our team understands the anxiety that can come along with putting your health care needs in our hands and as a result, we are sensitive to all situations and any specific needs that you may have.

We are always happy to answer any additional questions and we encourage you to contact our office during business hours at (403) 286-2551.