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What can I expect at my first visit – Oral Surgery Consultation?

Visiting an oral surgery office can bring on nerves for some. We fully understand this, and we want you to know that there is nothing wrong with that. You are not alone! A lot of our patients come to us apprehensive about the process and what to expect. So, we thought it would be a […]

Dental Insurance

Let’s talk insurance! Depending on what you need to have done, oral surgery can be costly. Most of the most common questions we get are surrounding insurance. So, we have created a quick cheat sheet for you. A pre-authorization is always sent to your insurance before surgery by our office. Not all insurance companies will […]

Foods to Eat After Oral Surgery

After having oral surgery, it is important to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition. Soft and easy to chew food options are recommended and are necessary for proper healing, there also cause minimal irritation to surgery sites compared to hard and crunchy food options. It is also very important to keep yourself hydrated and nourished […]

Foods to Avoid After Oral Surgery

When having an oral surgery procedure done, knowing what NOT to eat is just as important as knowing what you should eat. For a couple of hours after surgery, your mouth will still feel frozen due to the Local anesthetic, so you won’t feel how hot some foods are. You’ll want to be extra careful […]

Anesthesia Commonly Asked Questions

Is it safe for me to receive an anesthetic? If you are healthy, receiving an anesthetic is generally safe. If you have any special conditions or complicated medical history, please inform us, and we will advise you of your options and any risks. Will I be in pain for my procedure? You will not feel […]

Anesthesia Types, What to Expect & More

We offer three different types of anesthesia in our office: Local Anesthetic Intravenous IV Sedation General Anesthetic Dr. Bureau will tell you which anesthetic is best for you during your consultation. Here are some facts about each one to help you better understand and prepare for your oral surgery. Local Anesthetic You will remain completely […]

Implant 101 Are you thinking about getting a dental implant?

They are a great, permanent alternative to replace a missing tooth, and they are not nearly as invasive as you may think. The chances of failure are small. Some factors that could cause an implant to fail include infection, poor oral hygiene, excessive occlusion load, and general health status. Implants are a great option because […]

What is Oral Surgery?

You may know you need oral surgery or have heard the term before, but what on earth does that mean? Oral surgery is also known as Oral & Maxillofacial surgery. It is a branch of dentistry that covers the diagnosis and treatment of orofacial defects, diseases, or injuries. This means that to become an oral […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal 101

One of the most common things that patients are referred to us for is wisdom teeth extractions. Having your wisdom teeth taken out can seem scary for some but we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! With Dr. Steve Bureau, you can rest assured that you are in fantastic and […]